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Info / Features


Single Match
Triple Threat
Fatal Four-Way
Battle Royal
Tag Match
Tag Match - Tornado
Six-Man Tag Match
Six-Man Tag Match - Tornado
Handicap - One on Two
Handicap - One on Tag
Handicap - One on Three
Handicap - Two on Three
Hardcore - Six-Man
Hardcore - One on Two
Hardcore - One on Three
Hardcore - Two on Three
Hardcore - Triple Threat
Hardcore - Fatal Four-Way
King Of The Ring
Royal Rumble
Survivor Series
Submission Match

* * Rumors * *

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Source:  Supposedly confirmed by I don't know if the source is reliable.

Special Referee Match
Source:  Supposedly confirmed by I don't know if the source is reliable.

Table Match
Source:  Sanders said that they were working on getting tables fully interactive, and putting people through them from all angles. There are tables, why not a table match?

Ladder Match
Source:  Ladder Match was originally not supposed to be in, but like the Cage Match, rumors re-surfaced of it being in the game.

TLC Match
Source:  Tables, ladders, and chairs are in the game. But, as a match??? They may pull this off...

Cage Match
Source:  Originally not in the game, but rumors re-surfaced that it has been put in the game.

Hell In A Cell Match
Source:  According to one person, he spoke with a friend that works for Sanders, and he said that they attempted to put a HIAC in, but it looked like crap, and don't know if they will implement it in the final version.

* * Controls * *

A simulation style fighting system, similar to No Mercy for N64, lets you feel like you are in control when executing moves.

At the bottom of the screen there's a large color-coded bar (called the voltage meter) with small icons indicating which section of the bar belongs to a particular wrestler. As you perform different moves, your section of the bar grows, showing the shift in momentum.

There's a smaller bar located underneath each wrestler, that coincides with a wrestler's stamina. When the meter drops, the wrestler can't execute a succession of moves and they'll even take a moment to catch a breath if pushed too hard.

To do special "finishing moves" you have to fill your meter by performing well and gaining crowd support.

* * Presentation * *

WWF Raw features ultrarealistic graphics at 60fps (Frames-Per-Second) and superior digital sound, to bring the spectacle of the WWF to life on your Xbox!

The game begins with the full-motion video intro from the WWF Raw TV show but then cuts into a real-time depiction of the arena along with a spectacular pyrotechnics display.

The camera generally stays in an overhead perspective during the match, but it will switch to a more dramatic angle when certain types of moves are executed.

Like in the real WWF shows, the "Double Feature" replay has been implemented in the game.

Entrances / Titantrons

Fully personalized entrances for every superstar, with their trademark theme song, Titantron video, lighting/pyrotechnics, and entrance attire (example: Edge's trenchcoat).

WWF ring announcer Lillian Garcia, does wrestler introductions.

Once a wrestler makes it to the ring after an introduction, he'll have the option to interfere in another wrestler's introduction. If you decide to interfere, your wrestler will automatically run up the ramp and ambush the other wrestler. In a multiwrestler match, the other wrestlers will then run out and join in the fray.

During the match, the TitanTron shows all of the action.

Side-trons have the new Raw animation.

WWF animation screen at top of ramp is in.

The Wrestlers

Detailed character models of all of your favorite WWF superstars.

Wrestlers breathe, sweat, and even bleed.

The Arena

Only one set (Raw), but you can change the mat and Side-trons for Pay-Per-View events.

The floor has a reflection.

The Stage

Throw people off of the stage...(through a table if you wanted to).

Do any move off of stage??? (Sanders - "No Comment")

The Ring

The ropes bounce

The announcer's table is at ringside, along with two chairs and the monitors.

The Crowd

Features a fully animated 3D audience that cheers, waves, chants, claps, holds up signs, and takes pictures.

Fight into the crowd and the people will scatter. (Note: This was originally in the game, but was not functioning properly and was taken out. There has been no official word as to whether it will be in the final version.)

The Backstage Area

Randomly generated backstage areas, including: Boiler Room, Parking Lot, Green Room, Entrance Ramp, and Waiting Room.

Cave in doors to get to new areas. (Sanders - "Most Likely")


Over 150 weapons can be found throughout the arena or taken from other wrestlers, including: tables, ladders, chairs, monitors, ring steps, etc.

You can perform moves onto weapons and they dent when used.

There is a "Weapons Museum" in the game, but nothing is really known about it at this time.

* * Rumors * *

There will be a referee. (Supposedly being worked on)

There will be more than just the Raw set. Rumored sets include: new and old SmackDown, Survivor Series 2001, and a generic Pay-Per-View set.

Crawl under or grab weapons from under the ring and expose the turnbuckles.

Download new wrestlers, Titantrons, themes, and sets from the Internet to Xbox's hard drive. (Sanders - "May be possible at later date")

Color commentary by J.R. and Jerry "The King" Lawler and wrestler voiceovers.
Challenge Mode:

Compete for all of the WWF championship belts (except Tag-Team).

The more prestigious the belt, the harder the challenge of winning it.

Collect items and unlock hidden secrets along the way.

Highly detailed "CAW" mode in Raw allows you to customize everything from wrestler appearance to entrance lighting/pyrotechnic effects.

Every part of your created wrestler is broken down into sections (example: upper arm > elbow > lower arm > wrist > hand) to allow maximum flexibilty in your creations.

Hair isn't just a texture, so you can change the length, color, and other general dimensions jut like any other part of your wrestler.

Because of the hard drive, you'll be able to store a myriad of your own wrestlers, and transport up to 16 of them using your memory card.

"Within a few minutes of tinkering, we had respectable versions of Rob Van Dam (complete with thumb gesture on the prematch screen), Hawk from the Legion of Doom, Kevin Nash, and Bret Hart participating in matches. Clearly, Anchor anticipated a wrestling fan's desire to create popular wrestlers who either are no longer with the WWF or weren't available to the development team while creating the game. As such, you'll find some textures and pieces of clothing that are suited for specific wrestlers but have received subtle changes to avoid any legal trouble." - Gamespot

You will not be able to rip mp3's to the Xbox and use them for your CAW's.

Thank you to Fred72 for collecting and cataloging this information. This page and the information on it, are credited to him and his hard work. I did, however, edit, condense, and remove some of his original information. If you wish to see Fred72's complete information collection on WWF Raw for the Xbox, please visit this site. Once again, thanks to Fred72!